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Experience matters. It can mean the difference between successfully addressing bad behaviors and succeeding to create new ones. When you choose The Fine Canine®, you're putting your trust in professional dog trainers who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the training room; over 40 years of combined experience in training, behavior modification, community education and service. And there is perhaps no greater illustration of our influence within the industry than the aspiring young trainers we've mentored who have chosen to embark on training careers of their own, including Gabriela Sloan at Happy Pup Manor, Tom Schukay at Elmhurst Animal Care Center and Leslie Labelle at BFF Dog Academy.

We're very passionate about what we do and that's evident in the thousands of dogs we've helped train and rehabilitate over the years. We are extremely proud to have made a difference in the lives of so many pet owners, and we're confident that we can help you enjoy many years of fine canine companionship with your pet as well.

To learn more about each of us, please read through our profiles below.

Monica Bedrosian

Monica Bedrosian

Professional Dog Trainer, Behavior Counselor & Founder of The Fine Canine®

Monica earned her B.A. in Biology from North Central College and minored in French at Iowa State University. She is a member of the National Association of Pet Dog Trainers and the International Marine Animal Trainers Association. She has earned multiple competitive agility titles with her Dalmatians, Hannah and Drake. Monica is interested in helping anyone train any type of dog. She specializes in teaching young children how to properly care for, train and compete with their pets. She teaches group and private lessons focused on pet obedience, trick training, and behavior modification. Her most recent project involves the development of an agility club for children and their dogs.

"I have always enjoyed helping people build trusting relationships with their animals. My methods are non-abusive, very effective and have been honed over many years of training dogs, from obedience to film work. I believe in taking the most current knowledge on canine pack behavior, including mother dog to puppy interactions, and applying these relationships in training methods. I feel that these are the interactions that will provide the natural connection to your dog. I advocate a strong foundation in puppy training to provide many years of fine canine companionship. I specialize in teaching interested young children how to properly train or show their dog. I am very aware of the escalating numbers of shelter animals and pets that need rescuing. As such, I am always excited for a chance to touch the lives of these animals and to provide the training for them to be stable, confident, and well-loved pets."

Aimee Schilling

Aimee Schilling

Professional Dog Trainer, Behavior Counselor

I love my job! Every day I get to help people improve their relationship with their dog. I'm a student of both human nature and dog behavior. First and foremost I consider myself an instructor, which means that my goal is to teach you how to be successful with your dog.

I have spent many years working at perfecting my craft with my own dogs by competing in obedience, agility, conformation, and hunt tests. I have titled dogs in all of these arenas and enjoy the challenge of competition, but most important to me is the relationship between me and the dog I'm working. My primary breed is the Brittany, a sporting breed, that is both intelligent and independent. I have a 7.5 year old male, Murphy, a 2.5 year old female, Cassidy, and my rescue Sheltie, 6 year old Maddie. I have attended Jack and Wendy Volhard's Top Dog Training Camp and Instructor's School, which caters to both novice handlers and instructor's such as myself. I moderate the Volhard Training list on yahoo groups and help answer behavior questions from all around the world. I attend both local and national seminars to keep abreast on behavioral and training methods. And I've worked with Stuart and Pati Mah in Florida to hone my agility skills and bring back new ideas to my students.

I serve on the national board for American Brittany Rescue and am the 2nd Vice President for the LaSalle Brittany Club. The most rewarding part of these jobs involve matching rescues to their new homes, and then sometimes even getting to see them in my classes.