Training by Highly Effective, Experienced & Professional Dog Trainers

If your dog has time for school but you don't, we'll do the training for you! Boarding School is a popular dog boarding and training program among individuals who have limited time for training but still wish to have a professionally trained canine companion, and also for people who just want the peace of mind that comes with having an experienced trainer work with their pet. If you plan to board your dog over a holiday or while on vacation, consider enrolling your dog in our Boarding School program. We'll fix those frustrating behaviors for you and you'll return home to a professionally trained dog.

Your dog will stay at an indoor, comfortable, state of the art boarding facility while we teach him to have good manners and respond to all the basic obedience commands. At the conclusion of the boarding and training program, we will have a one-on-one training session with you to transfer the knowledge you'll require for handling your dog at home.

Our dog Boarding School is a highly exclusive program designed for your COMPLETE convenience. Services include:

  • 10-day specialized program, tailored to your dog's needs
  • Exercise, feeding, and playtime are all INCLUDED
  • Regular brushing and bath INCLUDED
  • One initial consult INCLUDED
  • One follow up INCLUDED
  • Lifetime phone or email consults INCLUDED*

Boarding School Prerequisites

  • Clean Bill of Health (from vet) and applicable vaccinations

What Sets Us Apart

  • Your dog receives "real-life" training by highly successful trainers.
  • Limited enrollment ensures that your dog receives dedicated attention.
  • Positive training methods. We do NOT use shock collars or shock stimulation of any kind.
  • Exercise is included - daily walks, playtime, romps in the yard or park.
  • In-home follow up so we know that your dog will be successful in your home.
  • Customized training programs - we'll train the commands you want your dog to learn!

Client Testimonials

"Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for the excellent work you acheived with Gunner. He is such a changed dog. It is a pleasure to walk him and we can now have people walk through the front door without being afraid of being knocked over. The commands you taught him through words, we are now using mostly hand signals. I cannot thank you enough."

— Geri A., Hoffman Estates, IL

"We were beyond pleased with the work that Monica did with our lab puppy. We assumed so many behaviors he was exhibiting were normal and he would grow out of them such as: chewing on furniture and picking up kids toys/shoes, pulling on leash, teething on our hands, jumping up on anyone approaching him, etc. We have since learned that these are behaviors that only get worse with time. He would have eventually become unmanageable to us and our children without the proper training. When he returned from [boarding school] training with Monica he was able to walk beautifully on leash. The biting and chewing stopped completely, and he was able to sit and wait when people approached him. His sweet, loving personality did not change at all which was one of our fears. We are very grateful for the training he received."

— Julie G., La Grange, IL

"Before The Fine Canine's Boarding School, my 2-year-old corgi mix Scotch was incredibly territorial and head strong. He was housebroken and knew basic commands such as "sit" and "no", but only listened when he wanted to. He rarely laid down, was always watching out the window and barked and was aggressive towards anyone who came to my house. Since arriving home only 2 days ago, I have the dog I always wanted and the changes are permanent. He lays down more and is generally more relaxed than he was before. We work every day on the commands that Monica taught him so he retains what he learned. He now knows he must listen to me the first time I ask him to do something and life in general is easier for both of us because we now have an understanding of what each other expects. We are still working on when people come over but instead of the former 10-15 minute struggle, he usually tries to be aggressive for 1-2 minutes and after that realizes he's not allowed to be and is friendly towards everyone. I am sure that within a week he will no longer even try. With the training and tools Monica teaches along with consistently following up at home, my expectations were met and exceeded. My once headstrong aggressive dog is now the loving, submissive dog I've always wanted, and more importantly, everyone else can enjoy him also. Thank you, Monica!"

— Kelly, Lisle, IL

Class Schedule

  • By Appointment
  • 1 Hour/Day for 10 Days
  • Available at All Locations

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